"Are you ready to learn more about Pilates exercise and your health?"

Are you interested in learning some basic Pilates? Pilates exercise is great for your whole body and mind! Have you already given Pilates exercise a try, but you do not know if you have the correct body positioning while following those DVD's or attending a large group class? You are here at my website so I am sure that you are either:

1. Searching for more information regarding Pilates exercise.


Well I am glad that you are here! I will answer your questions, provide you with food for thought (not too much food though) and offer you free advice on how you can begin your new Pilates exercise regime.



Pilates is a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, coordination, and balance.You WILL reconnect your mind with your body in the process.

We all rush around each day trying to fulfill the needs of others and we very rarely stop to listen to the messages and signals that our own bodies are sending us. You CANmake the time to participate in some method of exercise. Make it a top priority and reap the rewards in all areas of your life!

This method of exercise is low impact and you can modify positions that allow you to engage your deep abdominals at YOUR own pace. Pilates helped me gain muscle strength and flexibility after a lower back injury and subsequent surgery. I know first hand how this can impact your life in a positive way.

Learning how to breathe correctly can have so many benefits for your body. As you learn how to breathe and move correctly, the tension in your body will reduce and movements will become easier.

You can take Pilates exercise anywhere with you. Open up that door to your condo on the beach front and listen to the waves as you practice those leg circles (not shifting your hips of course) and breathe in the sea air as you roll like a ball. Try it - I have and it is WONDERFUL! Take this beginning mat workout with you.

I think that this is just simply a great form of exercise. You can take it slow. I would not recommend that you try to use a Yoga ball, for example, to perform a hip roll if you lack stability with your feet flat on the mat. Add the ball when you need to challenge yourself a little further.

As always, check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime. You may be surprised to learn that he or she may have valuable recommendations to make especially if you have an old injury or suffer from any discomfort during your every day activities.

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