"Pamela kept her body in top condition through healthy eating and Pilates classes".

Let me introduce Pamela the Pilates Cow. Pamela knew that eating healthy foods and incorporating a healthy active lifestyle was key to her own and her families success. What a fine cow she is too!

Your friends (like Pamela's) will be asking you what you have been doing lately or telling you that something looks different about you. Maybe you just have a certain glow about you. You know that you are taking the right steps towards a healthier future.

Okay,this funny picture of Pamela the Pilates Cow was taken by Fuzzy Monkey Photography and is here just to make you smile. When I came across Pamela and her obvious love of Pilates I thought that she deserved a spot on my website.

In all seriousness the only way to lose weight and keep fit is to adopt an active life style and be mindful of how many calories you are consuming during each day. Try to eat more organic foods, personally I am finding more great tasting organic foods in the local supermarkets. Eating foods that are lower in sodium, fat and sugar will help. Take small steps and you will find that gradually you will look and feel healthier.

As you are probably aware there is an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other health related problems in the USA. The surgeon General notes that these health concerns are very real and are of top priority. You can lead by example. You can get moving again and your body will thank you for it.

Pilates was originally designed by a European man called Joseph Pilates. This method of exercise is something that you can try without the huge expense of a gym membership or costly equipment. You can begin by laying on a Pilates mat and practicing in the privacy of your own home.

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Thanks for letting me share a photo of Pamela she really does love Pilates!

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