Pilates for Weight Loss


Can Pilates help you with your weight loss goal?

You may be asking yourself "Pilates for weight loss?" Weight loss is something that most of us are faced with at some point of our lives. It could be for health reasons that you are now required to take up some form of exercise. It could be that you just want to lose a few pounds. Pilates can be a great way to get moving again and tone up your body.

You do need to have a weight loss plan and good nutrition. Any form of exercise is going to kick start you into becoming more active. Walking is an excellent start! Walk outdoors, enjoy life! Supplement your diet with good vitamins and minerals only if you know that you are not getting the required nutrients from your food. Consult with a dietician and identify where you lack certain nutrients for your age. What is recommended for a younger individual may not be accurate now that you are over 50!

Pilates is not a quick fix to weight loss, but if you are eating well and incorporating Pilates into your weekly plan I can see only good things happening for your body! Does Pilates work? Yes it does, but without a sensible eating plan and aerobic exercise you may not see any weight loss. You have to balance your calorie intake against your activity to see any weight loss. Aerobic and resistance training are required to give your body a complete body workout. Stretching is also important.

Losing weight (and understanding what a healthy weight for your height is) will help you to avoid chronic diseases. The risk of certain diseases increase when you are considered overweight or obese. Ladies get out the tape measure and see what your hip to waist ratio is. This calculation can help determine your risk of disease.

Remember, if you have osteoporosis or severe back issues consult with a doctor and ask what might not be suitable for you within the Pilates range of exercises.

Men you too can incorporate Pilates into your exercise plan!

Good luck with you weight loss goal!

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