Can you take Pilates Classes during and after breast cancer?

"Can I take Pilates classes after breast cancer and a mastectomy?"

Yes you CAN take Pilates classes but only after checking with your Doctor and making sure that you have the correct percentage of range of motion back in the affected arm or arms.

If you do not have the required range of motion or pain when trying to move your arm or arms, you will need to consult with a doctor. If you do not have the required abdominal strength after surgery please be careful and give your Pilates instructor a heads up on the type of breast reconstruction that you have had. Your muscles will be affected differently.

If you have had breast reconstruction surgery after your breast cancer, you may need some physical therapy and further medical assistance before your begin your new exercise regime.

You must have the required range of motion in your arm or arms. Seek out professionals who can assist you with your exercise plan.

Also be sure to follow the guidelines that your Doctor has set out for you in terms of WHEN you are ready to begin an exercise program.

There is strong evidence now to support the theory that exercise will be introduced by doctors as an important part of the recovery plan!

Also, be aware that any medications that you are taking can affect how you feel and certainly do not take your Pilates class if you feel ill or become dizzy. If you are receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer educate yourself about the side effects.

Seek out a Pilates instructor who is aware of the issues that you are facing and someone who is willing to re-schedule appointments to suit your needs at this time of recovery. You are recovering from breast cancer and need a good support system in place.

There are certain precautions that you need to take now that you have had lymph nodes removed. Make sure your Pilates instructor is aware of those precautions and can help you manage, measure, and maintain a quality workout experience.

Ask you doctor about THE WARNING SIGNALS to be ware of.

Perhaps some private lessons would be highly beneficial for you at this time. The following are good reasons why your personal one on one training would be a great idea!

Train at YOUR own pace.

Have a Pilates Class designed just for you.

Chances are you will have time to use the Pilates Circle, Swiss Ball and other Pilates equipment.

Your Pilates instructor can discuss precautions and give you advice.

Private lessons allow your Pilates instructor to look at your posture and give you advice on how you can modify your Pilates exercises. During a group class this is not always possible.

Your Pilates exercise program will be specific to your needs. Breast cancer and surgery can cause muscles to get tight in some areas and weak in others.

Your posture may be changing due to your mastectomy and you will be able to focus on keeping your body strong.

Pilates is a great mind body connection and you can use this to your advantage in your recovery process.

You will take home a few 'at home' stretching exercises that will give you the opportunity to stretch those oh so tight chest muscles!

It is money well spent.



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