Pilates classes can be expensive!

 Pilates classes can be expensive. Price can be related to the experience of the Pilates instructor and whether you are taking private classes, duet classes, or group classes.

You will find that booking a private lesson with a Pilates instructor, that has many years of teaching experience under their belt, can cost up to $90 an hour. These instructors also own their own studios so there are expenses to cover. For most of you this cost is out of your price range.

The level of knowledge needed to pass certifications can vary but I believe that all of the top certifying organizations require on going training and workshops be completed to retain certifications. The certification courses have written exams that also need to be passed.

Exams and certifications are good thing. You can be sure your Pilates instructor is involved in a constant learning process.

Taking courses, workshops, exams, and keeping up with new and exciting Pilates products and equipment can become expensive.

Pilates instructors invest a lot of money and time into training to obtain and keep their certifications.

Can I find cheaper classes?    

Many studios offer reduced prices for instructors in training and for group classes. You could also get a friend involved and ask to train together! Maybe you could share the price. Check with the studio.

Please remember that your Pilates instructor is not a physical therapist (although some are) and cannot diagnose an ailment for you. You should be aware of your own medical condition before training, this is true for any exercise that you may choose to start.

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