History of Pilates

Joseph Pilates Part II

Joseph Pilates truly believed that we need to live a natural and healthy lifestyle for our bodies to benefit. We cannot expect our bodies to remain in a natural healthy state if we ignore our basic needs. We should rely more on our instincts and listen to what our body needs.

Joseph Pilates believed that being healthy was a natural state to be in. Something that we know as a child but are conditioned as we grow older to think otherwise.

Now that is something to think about isn't it! Being healthy is actually normal! We seem to just accept these days that we will just burn out or our bodies will wear out and that there is nothing that we can do about it. We accept all the disease that is in our world today and we look towards doctors and drugs to make us feel and look better.

Pilates was also inspired by nature. He studied how animals, small babies, and children lived and moved. He believed that the mind should work in conjunction with the body, in harmony. We should have focus and control of each breath and each required movement of our bodies. Pilates did understand that mastering the breath can be one of the most difficult things to achieve!

He also believed that exercising without any mental effort was a waste of our time. Exercise is a natural thing and children should be allowed to be outside in the fresh air so that they can play to their hearts content. Pilates wanted children to know (as they grew up) how to breath correctly so that it would stay with them into adulthood.

Realizing during his lifetime that something had to change in the way that we viewed and treated our bodies. His method of Contrology was (and still is) a total body workout.

I do hope that you try some Pilates in the future and find great benefit for your body and your mind!

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