Increase your flexibility

You would be wise to start a gentle stretching exercise routine to improve your overall flexibility. Progress your stretching at regular intervals and see how you can improve your range of motion.

You will also have a better chance at preventing those sprains and muscle strains that happen to us so often. You will also recover faster from your workouts.

Did you know that muscles that are tense have reduced circulation and begin to build up waste products. Another great reason to include Pilates into your exercise routines!

If your body is toned and flexible you can reduce your chances of serious injury to your body! What is that old saying?


If you have regular movement in your muscles throughout your body you are continuing to lubricate and strengthen not only your muscles, but your ligaments and your joints, thus improving your flexibility.

Did you know that that if you stretch a little each day that the "muscle soreness" that you may experience after your workouts will be reduced; which reduces your recovery time........sounds good to me!

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