Intermediate Pilates Positions

Pilates roll over position

When will you be ready to move on to intermediate Pilates positions?

Well that depends on how strong you are and if you can manage the beginner Pilates exercises and with the correct form. To be sure that you will not injure yourself you need to progress at your own pace.

You will probably be ready to start adjusting your position so that more emphasis is placed on your muscle strength and balance. Even in the beginner positions you are challenging your core strength don't feel the pressure to keep up with others in a class. You should stay at your level and practice the correct form and not push too hard and completely lose your movement and the ability to stabilize your core.

The roll over pictured above is an intermediate level exercise. Most people find this one quite a challenge to execute it correctly. This is a good example of an exercise that is progressed gradually so that your exercise is nice and controlled when you do eventually get those legs to move over and above your head.

Do not attempt this exercise if you have any neck discomfort, back or shoulder problems and do not roll onto the neck at any time. As I have mentioned previously on other pages the beauty is that you can modify your intermediate poses and still get a good work out!

The stronger you get the more control you will have with your intermediate Pilates positions.

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