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Working from home!

Working from home

I wanted to build a website. I did not know how. I turned on my computer and went to Google search. "What should I type" I said to myself "how to create a website" that should do it.

I did not know any HTML coding or CSS and I just wanted a website that had one or two pages with my details. I was teaching beginner Pilates and I wanted to find some local customers. I wanted to talk about Pilates after breast cancer and other topics that affect everyone.

After doing some research on SBI I decided to take the plunge and I am so glad that I did! The amount of knowledge I have gained through building and managing my own website is wonderful. My Site build it experience has a been incredible!

I do not have to pay someone else to change or add anything to my Pilates website. I am in complete control. I have access 24/7 to a wonderful forum full of people ready to help and pass on their knowledge, share their past mistakes,and help me. I can share my knowledge with others. I have created an income! You can make money from your knowledge and ideas on YOUR OWN website.

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Shhhhh don't tell anyone, but I actually enjoy working on my's FUN! My Pilates website works and it is bringing in traffic. I understand what I should be doing and what I should not be doing in the big old world of website creating. I am working from home! I continue to learn. I have a wealth of information at my fingertips. If I choose to tackle another area of building and improving my website I can go and browse the forums. Meanwhile my website is earning money as I work, sleep, and play!

Take a quick tour if Site Build It.

If you are thinking about a web based business or you have not had success with previous websites consider SBI as a great tool to get you off and running in the right direction. Lots of business owners out there have websites but they do not know if anyone is even looking at their site! They do not understand what the search engines are looking for and how to create traffic and an income.

If I had not joined SBI, I too would of been sitting in my chair with a small website "thinking" that my site was visible. The truth is my site would have been buried under millions of other websites.

If you have a small business you NEED to be visible on the Internet. You do not have the luxury any more of relying on your printed ads. People are networking on line like never before searching for services and products.

Below are some testimonials from others who have used SBI to create their websites.

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"New challenges are presenting themselves now that my site is poised for takeoff."
~ Michelle Schill

"I treat network marketing like a "real" business. You cannot thrive on a system that requires enrolling only eight customers, all of whom are family and friends. As I watch my traffic, leads, retail sales and enrollments increase, I am convinced that there is no better way to build a network marketing lead generation source that brings in the kind of quality leads you would pay a fortune for anywhere else."
~ James Beane

"I was pleasantly surprised to see my site traffic increasing, albeit slowly. I was thinking to myself, even if I didn't make any money out of this site, it would have been an accomplishment for me to have built a site with whatever little time I had."
~ Sara Ding

"I receive an enquiry about my juice extractor almost every other day, either by email or phone."
~ Sara Ding

"The freedom of time and choice that we have been given through our Solo Build It! business have meant so much to us at this time and for that I thank you and your team."
~ Marc Liron

"My puny little hand-built, local-dentist Web site broke the Alexa 100,000 barrier today and none of this would have been possible if it weren't for the power and effectiveness of the SBI process. (OK - I did put in a little elbow grease)"
~ Dr. John Burch DDS

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