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There are many myths about this disease. Lets see if there are any that you believed!

Here we go......

  • I am going to have osteoporosis anyway when I get older. Osteoporosis for the most part is preventable! Even if you have had fractures when you start some preventive measures you will minimize further bone loss.
  • Only old women have osteoporosis.Sorry, this is not true. Men and women can develop osteoporosis. You can develop osteoporosis at ANY AGE. Twenty percent of those affected by osteoporosis are MEN.
  • Only fair skin women develop osteoporosis

           Asian, Hispanic, and African American women can also have osteoporosis.

  • Osteoporosis is not very common! Osteoporosis and low bone mass affects 44 million women and men age 50 and older in the United States. It was estimated that by 2010 over 52 million people will have either have osteoporosis or be losing bone mass and at risk. This is scary....by 2020 the NOF estimates that there will be over 61 million people affected.
  • Osteoporosis is not serious. Bone fractures can be very painful and serious. Did you know that approximately 20% of those who suffer a hip fracture will die? The reason is not usually from the fracture itself, but from the complications of surgery such as blood clots in the lung.

      If you do survive the hip fracture then you may end up in a nursing home due to your loss of mobility.

  • I would know straight away if I had osteoporosis!  Well, remember I pointed out that this disease is known as the silent disease and bone loss occurs slowly over time. There are no symptoms. Did you also know, you should monitor your height. If you see a decrease in height of 1 inch or more you should get checked out by your doctor.

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