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 There are many interesting Pilates books out there and books on health, exercise and the Pilates method. Here are a few that I have found very useful and interesting over the years. These are some of the books that I have also used for study purposes at college and at workshops. I and others have found them to be some of the best for reference.

"The Pilates Body" Author Brooke Siler

This is nice and easy to read. It has clear pictures and is great to have at home to view those exercises that you "did last night" at class and you can't quite remember how to do them! There are also some early pictures of Joseph Pilates himself performing some of his original exercises. After buying a few books in my early days of Pilates this would be my recommendation for a beginner.

"I don't have time for Pilates"

Oh yes you do!

Check out "15-minute Pilates" Author Lesley Ackland

Very clear pictures and straight forward instruction. According to Lesley all you need is 15 minutes!

For men there is a book called "The Complete Book of Pilates for men"

Author is Daniel Lyon Jr.

BEST PILATES DVD Well you can always send me in your ideas but I like the Stott Pilates range of DVD's the best.

"Anatomy of movement" Author Blandine Calais-Germain

This is also a very good for those of you studying the movement of the body and is always recommended at workshops.

"Trail Guide to The Body" Author Andrew Biel, Robin Dorn

Great book for study. You can also purchase a set of flash cards to help with memorizing all of those bones and muscles!

"Womens Strength Training Anatomy" Author Frederic Delavier

This book offers you pictures of the female body in motion and highlights the specific muscles working. If you are visual person this will work well for you. If you are also studying to become a personal trainer this will help guide you through some of the exercises performed in a gym and the corresponding muscle groups.


"Survival skills for Pilates Teachers" Author Nicola Conraths-lange

Discover how to balance your time and your career. Helpful tips on how to handle those all to familiar 'personalities' that you will come across during your years of teaching. Nicola gives you a no nonsense approach to starting a business in the health and wellness industry. Nicola talks candidly about her expectations and what lessons she has learned along the way.


"Be Kind to Your Spine" Stott Pilates DVD

This is a gentle work out specifically designed for those who wish to strengthen the core muscles around the spine.

"Yogilates" DVD Jonathan Urla's level one beginners workout.

This powerful combination of Pilates and Yoga will please those Yoga enthusiasts and Pilates enthusiasts who want to step it up a notch! There are also level two and three workouts.

Pilates Magazine

Pilates StyleFind great Pilates exercises inside and Pilates information. Locate a Pilates studio near you on their website.

I hope you find some interesting reading material!

Also consider checking out books on Meditation and Yoga as these can be valuable resources for information on relaxation techniques and the effect that good breathing can have on your body and in your life.

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