Pilates Exercise for Men


Pilates sample exercises

Check out these pilates positions. These are some great photographs. Guys can gain benefit from Pilates and the principles of Pilates.

Steven, shown here, has always been interested in the integration of the mind and body through exercise. After suffering a back injury Steven turned to Pilates with the recommendation of his doctor.

As you can see, after two years he was still enjoying the challenge and striving for 'perfection' of his movements. Steven certainly felt that he had a long way to go before he could say that he 'knows it all' but was happy to share pictures of his progress with me and now all of you!

As always, do not try these exercises unless you have consulted with your Physician and know that Pilates is okay for you to try. Pilates is a progression from the basics such as stability, breathing, rib and hip placement. Once all of these basics are understood, you can build on the movement with more difficult positions. 

The hundred

Pike on the Swiss Ball

Does Pilates Work

Pilates and Yoga

The Teaser

The Twist

 Joseph Pilates


Pilates and Weight Loss

Expensive Pilates

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