Foam Rollers and Pilates

 Foam rollers are a fantastic addition to your Pilates equipment. 

Foam rollers can actually cause a few giggles in the Pilates studio as adults try their best to gain control of their bodies! You can lay, stand, or sit on your foam roller. Trying to balance on your foam roller will engage your muscles for stabilization.

Lay flat on your foam roller. Make sure that your head is supported at one end, or use a small comfortable ball under your head at one end of the foam roller.

Make yourself comfortable, practice your Pilates breathing, and concentrate on engaging your core. Relax your shoulder and neck muscles.

Your knees should be bent with feet flat on the floor.

With chin slightly tilted, slowly raise your right arm overhead, inhaling as you do so. Slowly return this arm to the starting position with an exhale.

Raise your left arm and repeat.

Dawn's tip: Purchase foam roller covers for your foam rollers. The covers can then be washed in the washing machine.

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