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"I was just like you wondering what a     Pilates Instructor could do for me"

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Let me introduce myself. I am a mother of two wonderful boys and a certified Pilates Instructor. I am also a goal orientated driven woman!

Some years ago I suffered a lower back injury and I was advised that I needed surgery. At the time I was in pain from head to toe. I could not even bend to tie up my boots. I could not hold my boys in my arms or push a heavy shopping cart around the grocery store. I had to 'shuffle' when trying to cross the road in traffic. I certainly could not run or even walk fast. The health of my back and the rest of my body was suffering.

I realized at this time in my life (only in my 30's) how precious my health was particularly the health of my spine and surrounding muscles. I understood how 'grumpy' people can be who are in constant pain or discomfort. Pain gradually wears you down and takes the joy out of life. Your body cannot move freely and muscle imbalances become more prominent.

I was advised that Pilates would be something that I should look into and I was happy to do so as this type of exercise had really started to interest me over the years. The Stars were doing it so it must work right? I had practiced Tae Kwon Do for three years earlier in my life and had enjoyed the challenge that incorporated the mind body connection and the need to focus on each movement. I was happy to learn more about Pilates.

I was lucky enough to find a local instructor who was teaching small groups basic Pilates. I was lucky to find someone who really cared that I was getting the best out of 'my' limited range of motion. Now remember I could not sit up straight on my sits bones at this point without supporting my self with my hands on the mat behind me. The muscles around my abdomen felt very weak.

I had completed my physical therapy. I had the exercises and I did religiously practice them, but within two weeks of this 'Pilates' I could feel a difference. I felt a strength starting to build from the inside out. I do recall mentioning this to my instructor as I said "It might be just my imagination but I feel different". As it turned out it was not just my imagination.

I was able to stick to my regime twice a week at a class and practice at home. It was a challenge for me (which I liked) and it was so easy to roll out a mat on floor - no other tools required! My spine was supported as I learned how to hold a neutral spine. My movements were small and that was OK. I met with other ladies twice a week and I also gained benefit from that hour outside the home just for me.

I decided to become certified as an instructor because as the years went by I realized that I could I help others. I could help others in the same or similar situation that I found myself in at such an early age. I could also eventually see how the 'newbies' on the block should adjust themselves and how to help someone through modifications obtain a more controlled workout.

Obviously I am not cured of all my issues, but focusing on my core during exercise helps me maintain a healthy spine and most importantly I enjoy it so after nine years I am still passionate about it.

I was certified in the Chicago area through the PhysicalMind Institute in Pilates Mat and Standing Pilates. I am trained in health related topics such as cancer and exercise. I have trained in the precautions that women particularly need to be aware of after breast cancer and surgery. I was certified by Andrea Bruno as a cancer exercise specialist. I have an understanding of how surgery, drugs, and muscle imbalances can affect your ability to exercise. During spring 2007 I decided to train with Stott Pilates┬« in matwork and I  completed my reformer training in June 2008 with Stott Pilates┬«. I am also certified as a personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise.

I am presently working towards a degree in health and wellness. My interests are exercise science, health, nutrition, and specifically helping those post rehabilitation.

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I hope that you find some of the information on my website of interest and I wish you the best of luck in your journey towards better health!

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