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 "I am a beginner will I be able to do the exercises?"

Let me first answer this by saying that you will learn (or should learn) the basic Pilates principles. You will be guided step by step though breathing, neutral spine, shoulder placement, head placement etc. The Pilates positions (or Pilates moves) that you are asked to perform should be within your ability at the time.

The first exercises that you will learn will be basic Pilates positions that enable you to practice these principles. The principles prepare you for the "full blown" Pilates exercise.

Once you are able to calm your body and mind you can focus on the correct body alignment and positions. Your instructor will then move you onto the next level of the exercise. 

If you are not ready to practice the full blown movement or Pilates position then you can use your modifications specific to you. You should progress at your own pace.

You are are not doing yourself any favors by either pushing yourself too hard (risking injury) or trying the advanced movement and not engaging your core.

If the young lady or gentleman next to you is completing her rolling like a ball with correct form and you are only sitting back of your tail bone and gently rocking it is ok. You are engaging your core, you are practicing your balance, and eventually your co-ordination as you try the next stage of the exercise.

 Pilates is a system of movements designed to activate all the muscles responsible for that movement. Designed to facilitate proper form and full range of motion of the joints. Pilates will assist you with every day activities; designed to help your body activate and recruit muscles that need to awaken and become more involved once again.

Do you have more questions about Pilates?

Pilates and Yoga for that matter are systems of movements that were designed with "how we have to move our bodies in daily life" in mind. Designed to strengthen, tone and to assist with our flexibility and full range of motion.

Quite often if there is a problem with one area of the body it will be because another area of our body is not functioning correctly.

The experts in functional training will tell you that our body functions as a whole and not in separate pieces. Our neurological pathways need to be retrained with correct movement patterns for us to hold and move our bodies correctly.

Pilates for weight loss 

 Standing Pilates 

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