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Grand resort and Grand Mall, Egypt. "Very good trainer Marina. Good,healty, perfect mood" Mery Egypt. Dec 2012

Tempo Pilates London UK. "Great reformer classes done to popular music, small classes allows teachers to give required attention to everyone. Trainer also very friendly allowing classes to be fun." Hanna London UK. Nov 2011

Vitality Pilates Seattle WA. "They make really good Pilates instruction affordable. They offer a TON of classes and if you attend the entire series of classes that you book, they give you a free private lesson. Emily Seattle WA. Feb 2011

HOUSTON TX Have you experienced breast cancer? Check out my website for exercise tips and info. Pink Pilates in Houston has certified cancer exercise specialists to assist you with your recovery.

Align Pilates,LLC Mat, Equipment, and TRX classes. Bowling Green Kentucky. (270)904 4019 

the spot Yoga, Pilates, and TRX classes. Check out the community Yoga classes on Sunday evenings! Bowling Green Kentucky. (270) 904 4019. 

 Absolutely Pilates, 1051 Fairway Avenue, Suite 1, Bowling green KY  42103.  Private and group classes. (270) 793 2728.  


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