Resistance Bands

 Did you know that by incorporating resistance bands into your Pilates routine you can increase resistance that will make you work harder? Resistance bands can also aid you with an exercise that perhaps you are not quite strong enough to complete without a little helping hand. Resistance bands can also be referred to as exercise bands or flex bands.

Resistance bands are lightweight and you can pack them into your suitcase or carry on if you going away on holiday. 

Resistance bands come in LIGHT, MEDUIM and HEAVY . Remember that the lighter your band the harder that you will be working your deep abdominals, the heavier the resistance band the more support that you will have. While using bands you are still required to stabilize your body as you move through the exercises. Beginners can find benefit from resistance bands and also those exercise enthusiasts who may have been previously only using free weights or exercise machines in the gym.

Resistance bands can add variety to your workout just as a Swiss ball or Pilates circle might and also challenge your co-ordination.

You can also replicate the footwork on a reformer with resistance bands at home. if The bands will replicate the springs on the reformer.

Resistance bands can be a great tool for stretching out calf muscles or for those with Osteoporosis.

Choose a resistance band that is suited to the level of resistance required. You will notice that resistance bands are colour coded.

You will ideally need one that is five foot in length. There are many Pilates kits out there that offer a selection of bands along with a video or DVD. Many websites also offer resistance bands.


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