Spiritual Health

Exercise your body but do not forget to
exercise your MIND

We do need to remember that our spiritual health is just as important or even more important than our physical health.I have dedicated this page to helpful links to websites that offer either spiritual nourishment or great advice and services for our mental health.Our mental health, interpretation of circumstances and how we act or react is of vital importance.

We turn up at our Pilates class stressed, worried, anxious, overwhelmed, and tense. If we learn some of the things that we can do to reduce some of these mental problems we will approach each day with a healthy mind, body and soul.

I would ask you take a look at a website that is written by a friend and mentor of mine that redirects our thoughts back to God. Father Bob, now retired has been called to create a blog that I feel you will find interesting and uplifting. He offers words of spiritual encouragement at Spirit7.

I quote from one of his blogs:

"If we immerse ourselves in the present moment, we will find life. If we immerse ourselves in life, we will find God. If we immerse ourselves in God, we will find our True Self."

While taking your Pilates class try to focus on the moment, try to bring yourself back to the present. Find some peace in the hour that you spend moving your body.We have to keep reminding ourselves that life needs to be balanced, good nutrition, exercise, a healthy mind, good friends and lots of Pilates!

Suffer from anxiety? Find some great information here at soul-focused anxiety treatment.

Some people believe that there is healing in crystals, colors, and meditation.

Meditation is a great way to reduce mental and physical stress. Meditation does not only have to be sitting quietly trying to block out the sounds within your environment. You can meditate while walking, exercising, and even gardening! Whatever grounds you and brings your mind back into the present to connect with the real you is wonderful.

Personally I find that some of the exercises on the Pilates reformer relax me. The carriage is moving and that motion tends to quieten my mind. My younger son was always calmed buy the swinging motion of a swing.


Does someone in your family have a mental illness? NAMI West Houston can help.

Living with someone who has a mental illness can cause anxiety and stress. NAMI can support you through your crisis and recovery. 

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