Standing Pilates with ball exercise

As mentioned previously you can incorporate small exercise balls or Pilates rings to challenge or assist you with your Pilates.This standing Pilates exercise is a simple exercise where you can incorporate a small exercise ball by placing it between the area of your legs above your ankles and below your knees.

1. Stand up straight and make sure that your weight is distributed evenly on both feet. Stand close to a wall or chair if you feel that you may need to support yourself as you move.

2. With the ball in position and shoulders relaxed, looking straight ahead inhale draw the insides of your legs in towards the ball.

3. Exhale and draw up on that pelvic floor, draw the bellybutton in and up towards your ribcage. As you inhale raise your ankles from the floor onto the balls of your feet. Keeping your balance, arms by your side, palms facing in towards your body. Exhale to return your feet to the mat.

4. Repeat three more times.

Try another standing Pilates exercise. Just remember to take what you have learned on the mat to the standing position. Don't forget your Pilates principles, focus on your hips being level and breathing into the sides and back of your ribcage.

Check out some info on osteoporosis and Pilates.

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