Standing Pilates

Single Leg Stretch

If you are not comfortable laying down on the floor right now or want to challenge your balance try a simple standing Pilates exercise!

Make sure that you are standing near to a wall or a chair just in-case you need to hold onto to something . This is the first level of single leg stretch and you can progress this to level two and level three.

  • Stand tall with shoulders away from ears, feet hip distance apart. Notice where your balance is, are you leaning forward or leaning backwards? Knees and toes should be pointing forward. Hips should be aligned and hip bones pointing forward. Focus on the four points of your feet for balance. There should be equal pressure on all four edges of your feet.
  • Arms are at your sides as you inhale to prepare. Engage the pelvic floor and exhale as you lift up your right leg bending your leg at the knee. Gently place your hands under the thigh to support the leg. So you are now balancing on your left leg. Remember to pull the naval inwards and upwards.
  • Keep your gaze straight ahead as you inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale one more time. Keep your balance. Are you tensing in your shoulders? Relax, inhale and gently place your right foot back down onto the floor.
  • Repeat with the left leg. Remember your Pilates breathing . I know a lot to remember isn't it! So this standing Pilates is not just standing on one leg it is focusing on all the principles.
  • Repeat the whole sequence another two times.You may find that you can balance on one leg better than the other!

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Introducing Standing Pilates! 

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